Why You Should Think Twice Before Using A Collagen Mask

Published: 12th March 2009
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Looking for a collagen mask? Before you buy that or a collagen gel remedy, you might be interested to know that they don't work and they can cause prolonged redness. There are ingredients that do work to improve the skin's health and appearance. You might like to know about those, too.

A collagen mask might provide some immediate cosmetic effect, as it could attract moisture to the skin's surface, making it look smoother, because of the puffiness. But, for long-term gains, you want a cream that contains the nutrients necessary to support the skin's health. Those nutrients include peptides, which are shorter chains of amino acids, molecularly smaller than collagens.

You see, a collagen gel remedy will not penetrate the skin's surface. The inclusion of collagens in cosmetics is largely due to a misunderstanding.

The layer of skin that we see is called the epidermis. There are no collagens in the epidermis. Those proteins are located in the dermis, four or five layers beneath the skin's surface. It is commonly known that collagen-fiber production decreases with age and because injections are known to decrease wrinkle-depth and plump up the lips, many people believe that you can get the same result by applying a collagen gel remedy topically. That's simply not possible.

In the medical procedure, collagens are injected into the layer of fatty tissue that lies beneath the dermis. The purpose is to replace lost fat and "stretch out" the wrinkles. Since the ingredients in a collagen mask cannot penetrate to that fatty layer, there is no way that it can provide the same benefit as an injection.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not "pro" injection. I just think that people need to know the truth about most of the cosmetics that are on the market. There are some excellent anti-aging solutions. They just aren't sold in department stores or advertised on television.

Let's say you want to get rid of bags and dark circles under your eyes. Instead of looking for a collagen gel remedy, you should be looking for an eye-gel that contains EYELISS and HALOXYL. Those European ingredients have proven benefits. They have been used by celebrities for years, but are too expensive for major companies to include.

The major cosmetic companies use the cheapest ingredients possible, spend a lot of money on advertising and get a celebrity to endorse their product. So, what you get, if you're lucky, is something ineffective. If you aren't so lucky, you get an adverse reaction, which the company will chalk up to an allergy, basically blaming the whole thing on you.

If you look at some before and after pictures of people that have used a collagen mask, you will see redness. Basically, the ingredients cause inflammation or swelling and that's why the skin looks firmer. It's the same for a collagen gel remedy. Hopefully, I have convinced you that buying a collagen mask is a waste of money and could be bad for your skin's health. Look for something better.

Kathleen P. Walsh has been connected with skin care for more than a decade and advocates the use of natural skin care. Go and visit her informational web site http://mosteffectiveskincare.com for details about the best anti aging skin care and other quality skin care products. Remember you can always look younger than you really are, no matter what your age.

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